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The Brushies Experiment - "The Struggle is Real!"

May 10, 2021 2 min read

The Brushies Experiment - "The Struggle is Real!"

The Brushies Experiment


The Brushies Experiment - "The Struggle is Real!"

The other day I was browsing Youtube for some fun teeth brushing songs for my kiddies (keep an eye out for a blog about that in the coming weeks!) and I ended up down a rabbit hole, as you do. I stumbled across a video of a dentist mum who said that her young son hates brushing his teeth. She explained the importance of brushing teeth even if children hate it and demonstrated a technique she uses to brush her toddler’s teeth.
This technique basically entailed pinning down her child with her legs so that she had both hands free to brush effectively. He screamed and fought the entire time but her son’s teeth were clean by the end. Even though it was done safely, it looked slightly traumatic and I couldn’t imagine going through that twice a day! I couldn’t help but think, there’s got to be a better way.
What astounded me were the hundreds and hundreds of comments posted under the video from parents saying that their children hated brushing teeth as well and thanking her for this technique because it was the ONLY thing that worked for them. The tales of desperation and teeth brushing woes that these commenters described was just plain heart breaking.
A couple of months ago, we conducted a survey to find out from parents what their experience with brushing their children’s teeth was like. So many stories poured in describing the horrors parents face when trying to brush their children’s teeth. One parent shared that their struggle was “Getting them to cooperate! And open their mouths enough to let you get all teeth around mouth. Also getting them to stay still and avoid accidental jabs or slips with the brush! Chasing kids around bathroom or basically head locking them into the ideal position is not something I look forward to but hey maybe those years my older bros were into wrestling paid off!”
We had a little chuckle at the mental picture it painted but it emphasised to us that THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! But the truth is, we know that it doesn’t have to stay this way. It’s our mission at The Brushies to completely change the narrative of traumatic teeth brushing and replace it with fun while getting the job done! We’re so passionate about it because we understand the importance of dental hygiene and because we hate knowing that so many parents find it unpleasant and sometimes downright impossible.
The Brushies
We truly believe that our finger puppet toothbrush friends are the answer to ending teeth brushing battles forever! And because we are so confident in this, we decided to conduct a Brushies Experiment! We wanted to know, what would happen if we gave children who hate brushing their teeth The Brushies? Would the brushing nightmares finally end? Let’s find out! Send us your story of your teeth brushing woes; we want to hear it all! Then we will choose five families to send The Brushies to try out and will report back with our findings. Let the experiment begin!
The Brushies Experiment