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About Us

The Brushies was founded to make brushing fun!
(Because let’s be honest – sometimes it’s not)


The Brushies are the brainchild of two mums – a family dentist and a psychologist – who wanted to eliminate frustrations associated with teeth brushing to make healthy habits fun for parents and their kids. Using a design that was friendly enough for tiny mouths and big imaginations, the Brushies make for an excellent introduction to dental care.

Hilary Fritsch, DMD

The Brushies Founder Hilary Fritsch, DMD

For over a decade, Hilary has been treating patients of all ages at her California dental practice. It was a different story at home, however, where she encountered her fair share of brushing battles with her two kids.  

“I’m a family dentist! I knew that if I couldn’t get it right with my own kids, something was very wrong with the traditional approach.” After battling her youngest, she watched in awe one day as he happily chomped away on finger puppets. “That’s when the lightbulb went off. How did this not exist yet?” 

Colleen Crowley, Ph.D., M.A., LMFT

The Brushies Founder Colleen Crowley, Ph.D., M.A., LMFT

As a clinical psychologist and guest lecturer, Colleen has spent the last decade helping families when they hit life’s stumbling blocks. And sometimes something as small as two fraught minutes, twice a day, every day can become a big stumbling block for families. “Parenting is about bonding, patience, examining your own approach, and a willingness to meet your child where they are.”

Drawing on her extensive experience in child development and the playful approach she uses at home with her three children, Colleen shaped the theory and personality of the Brushies to help parents get their silly on at just the right time in a child’s life.


Boutique Brands - The Rigbys

We are Kristy and John, and along with our team at Boutique Brands Australia we have been bringing Babiators - baby and kids sunglasses - to Australia and NZ since 2014. We are so excited to launch the Babiators sister brand - The Brushies - down under!

Babiators partnered with Colleen & Hilary in 2018 to bring The Brushies into the Babiators Brand family. As another practical product that helps parents and kids develop healthy and fun lifestyles, The Brushies have fitted perfectly into the Babiators family! 

Just like Babiators, The Brushies solves a challenge for parents! The Brushies is to teeth what Babiators is to little eyes! While Babiators were created to make it easier for parents to get their kids to protect their eyes with sunnies; The Brushies were created to take the battle out of brushing teeth, and make that 2 minutes twice a day and shared, enjoyable moment.

Boutique Brands is our family’s business and we work from our home office warehouse in gorgeous Kingscliff NSW Australia. Our team is full of other amazing parents and we have a ball working together to bring you fabulous, practical, baby & kids products here to Australia and New Zealand.