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Not Just Another Christmas Craft 🎄

December 10, 2021 2 min read

Not Just Another Christmas Craft 🎄

Christmas is wonderful but it sure can feel like a season of overwhelm, can’t it? So many presents to buy, memories to be made, crafts to do! But before you think I’m trying to add another craft to your list of things to do (there’s enough on Instagram and Pinterest!), this is different! 
In a season that can feel like the focus is all about receiving, I love to do this little activity with my kids to remind them that much of the joy of Christmas is actually about giving! So every year, we make a few little home-made (and inexpensive) gifts together for their friends. 
Last year we made BATH SNOW which was so easy and fun so we decided to do it again this year! Because it’s simple enough for the kids to pretty much do on their own, they have a sense of ownership and pride when giving these little gifts to their friends. And the way their faces light up when they experience the joy of giving is just precious! 
Bath snow is glittery and so much fun to sprinkle in the bath! And bonus, epsom salts are rich in magnesium and promote rest and sleep (which we all know is a win!)
This is what you’ll need to make it:
- Small jars
- 1 Cup epsom salts 
- ¼ Cup bicarb soda 
Mix the ingredients in a large bowl. We added a few drops of pure lavender essential oil which gave the snow a beautiful and relaxing scent. Scoop into the jars and add a little hand-written card and deliver to friends and family to spread some Christmas cheer. 
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
Heidi xx