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Fun Ideas to Make Practicing the Fine Motor Skills of Teeth Brushing Fun!

July 16, 2021 2 min read

Fun Ideas to Make Practicing the Fine Motor Skills of Teeth Brushing Fun!

Getting kids to brush teeth is one story but getting them to brush properly is a whole other one, isn’t it?! Dentists recommend two minutes of brushing and every tooth needs to be cleaned in the process, including those tricky back ones!

One thing we love most about the Brushies is that they are easy for little hands to manipulate! They are safe and gentle and perfect to get those hard-to-reach back teeth. They won’t jab your child’s cheek or throat as they learn to brush.

Brushing requires a good amount of fine motor skills which can be a challenge when little fingers aren’t quite physically ready. And practice makes perfect they say! There’s no better way to practice than adding in a bit of play. We would love to share with you two play ideas that practice the fine motor skill of brushing!

One of our customers came up with this really great idea to help her daughter, Billie, practice the motion of brushing her back teeth! Here’s how she did it!

  1. Print off an image of teeth and laminate.
  2. Add globs of avocado (or anything taste-safe and sticky!)
  3. Let your little one brush away with their fave Brushie and focus on cleaning the teeth equally!


Check out the video to see this next fun idea!

Sawyer (4) loved this Brushies ocean-themed play idea! He enjoyed the texture of jelly sea and used Willa’s soft bristles to clean the jelly off the shells. We practiced brushing slowly and quickly, honing in on those fine motor skills. We also discussed how the jelly that covered the shells is similar to the sugar bugs that cover our teeth after we eat sweets and how it’s important to get them clean!

*To make the jelly sea, mix 1-22 tablespoons of gelatine into warm water. Stir in a few drops of food colouring and add in shells. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours. Once set, let Willa the Brushie explore the jiggly sea and shells.

Brushing, just like practicing fine motor skills, can be fun! Hope you give these two play ideas a go!